50 Soft Foods to Eat After Tooth Extraction

Soft Food

Tooth extraction can be a scary experience. While recovering from such an experience we need to be extra careful with our health. Consuming unsuitable or uncomfortable foods at that time may make the situation worse. Thus, here we are recommending 50 soft foods to be eaten after tooth extraction. The food that is taken at that time not only has to be easy to gulp down but also needs to be easily digestible. If not, it might cause further harm to our health and slow down the recovery process.

The 50 soft foods that are recommended here are easy to digest and don’t need to be chewed hard. Moreover, after surgery, it is crucial to have nutritious food to let your body get all the required nutrition to get well soon. However, healthy food doesn’t mean it has to be tasteless. We have covered savory to sweet all your taste buds and gut needs to be healed easily. So cheer up and experience a tasty and happy recovery with the 50 soft foods after a tooth extraction.

50 soft foods that can be eaten after tooth extraction are: –

  1. Soft fruits:- Juicy and flavorful, soft fruits like mango or papaya are easy to eat and gentle on the gums.
  1. Pureed soups:- Smooth and flavorful, pureed soups provide nourishment without the need for chewing..
  1. Baby food:- Baby foods are easy to gulp down like mixed vegetable paste or hotchpotch.
  1. Baked beans:- It is another healthy and tasty option.
  1. Bananas:- A banana milkshake or mashed bananas is a good option.
  1. Protein shakes:– Nutrient-dense and convenient, protein shakes support healing and muscle repair.
  1. Bread:- very filling but again should be soaked first.
  1. Broth – Not to be eaten very hot.
  1. Cheesecake :- Mouthwatering option and also very filling.
  1. Hummus:– Smooth and flavorful, hummus offers a tasty option for dipping soft foods.
  1. Cold cereal – Make sure to soak properly until soft.
  1. Cookies – Again should be soaked in water or milk before eating.
  1. Cottage cheese:- If dairy products don’t irritate, cheese is another great option.
  1. Custard:- Custard is a yummy and healthy alternative.
  1. Guacamole- Creamy and flavorful, guacamole is a nutritious option for spreading on soft bread or crackers.
  1. Eggs- Eggs are high in protein and easy to be eaten if boiled.
  1. Fish- Fish is another healthy option.
  1. Greek yogurt :- yogurt will provide a calming sensation to sensitive mouths.
  1. Rice pudding- Sweet and comforting, rice pudding is a gentle dessert that is easy to eat.
  1. Hummus- Hummus can be a great option.
  1. Ice cream:- Very tasty and soothing option during the recovery stage.
  1. Jello- Easy and tasty to eat.
  1. Juice- Very obvious during illness.
  1. Macaroni and cheese- Soft and cheesy that can be easily eaten.
  1. Porridge- Warm and satisfying, porridge is a gentle option for breakfast or a snack.
  1. Mashed potatoes- Easy to eat
  1. Mashed vegetables – Healthy option.
  1. Meatballs – Soft meatballs are a tasty and filling food.
  1. Meatloaf – It is again a filling option.
  1. Milkshakes – Healthy drink.
  1. Mousse:- Can be eaten easily.
  1. Oatmeal – Very filling and healthy food indeed.
  1. Popsicles: Mood lifting option on those days.
  1. Pudding :- Better during illness days.
  1. Pumpkin – Soft and easy to eat.
  1. Rice- Well boiled rice with pulses or curry.
  1. Risotto- It’s a very tasty option.
  1. Salmon – A healthy and tasty alternative.
  1. Semolina – Most eaten food after tooth extraction.
  1. Sherbet – Another Delicious food item.
  1. Smoothies –  Tasty option but avoid putting dry nuts or seeds.
  1. Spaghetti- Easy to make and tasty option.
  1. Sweetbreads – A very filling and healthy option for recovery days.
  1. Tapioca – Tasty option for those days.
  1. Tea – Tea can be a relaxing drink. however, make sure to take warm rather than hot tea.
  1. Tofu- It is a tasty yet healthy alternative to eat after tooth
  1. Vegetables – Avoid eating raw vegetables. it might hurt the affected area. Steam or boil vegetables well before eating.
  1. Waffles – Can be eaten after being soaked.
  1. Yogurt- Very soothing, healthy, and yummy option.
  1.  Soups :- Different types of soups are super food during that time.


While drinking smoothie or juices avoid using a straw. Our mouth is sensitive and vulnerable at that time so, using any pressure can be painful and cause damage to the healing area. Moreover, avoid taking those food items which don’t suit your body type and cause allergies or irritation.

What not to eat?

Besides focusing on what to eat while tooth extraction, It is also important to make sure what not to eat. Certain foods if taken during the recovery period may cause severe damage to our already sensitive and vulnerable mouths. Moreover, some food items may cause infection and worsen the condition by slowing down the recovery process.

The foods that should be avoided:-

Hard foods:- Hard foods or foods which are difficult to chew should be avoided strictly after tooth extraction. The condition of the mouth is very sensitive and prone to get infected at an early stage. Avoid munching on snacks like chips, biscuits, popcorns and raw vegetables too.

Drinks:- Drinks such as alcohol, coffee or any caffeine products, carbonated should be avoided after a tooth surgery. During the recovery period such drinks may work as an irritant. Moreover, a lot of medicines were also recommended at that time. Consuming such foods along with medication will be harmful. Also, hot drinks should be ignored.

Sticky foods:- Sticky foods are also better to be avoided as they might stick to the mouth and need thorough cleaning. Anything that needs to be cleaned properly and irritates the affected area is recommended to be avoided for a few days.

Spicy foods :- Extremely spicy and acidic foods are highly recommended to be neglected. The post surgery mouth needs sufficient time to heal. Eating spicy foods will irritate the operating area and might cause pain and burning feelings. However, anything which discomforts the digestive system should be avoided at any cost for speedy recovery.


Tooth extraction itself is a painful process. So, To get well soon some do’s and don’t need to be followed. We have already provided a lot of options to enjoy a speedy recovery. However, some precautions also need to be taken for a few days to avoid any future infection or irritation. Moreover, everyone is different and so are their food habits. Thus, those products which don’t suit and cause intolerance or allergy should be avoided no matter how healthy or nutritious they are.