Welcome to our flavorful journey through the alphabet! Today, we’re focusing on the letter “J” in our food series, “Foods That Start With the Letter J.” Whether you’re a foodie looking to expand your culinary repertoire or just curious about the variety of foods that start with this joyful letter, you’re in the right place.Get ready to discover new favorites and perhaps find some unexpected culinary inspiration!

1. Jack cheese

Jack cheese

2. Jack mackerel

Jack mackerel

3. Jackfruit


4. Jackfruit curry

Jackfruit curry

5. Jägerschnitzel


6. Jaggery


7. Jalapeño


8. Jalapeño cheese

Jalapeño cheese

9. Jalapeño chips

Jalapeño chips

10. Jalapeño hummus

Jalapeño hummus

11. Jalapeño jam

Jalapeño jam

12. Jalapeño jelly

Jalapeño jelly

13. Jalapeño margarita

Jalapeño margarita

14. Jalapeño poppers

Jalapeño poppers

15. Jalapeño relish

Jalapeño relish

16. Jalfrezi (curry dish)

Jalfrezi (curry dish)

17. Jam


18. Jam doughnuts

Jam doughnuts

19. Jam tart

Jam tart

20. Jambalaya


21. Jambon (French for ham)

Jambon (French for ham)

22. Jambon de Bayonne

Jambon de Bayonne

23. Jambon persillé (French terrine)

24. Jamon Iberico

Jamon Iberico

25. Jamun (Indian blackberry)

Jamun (Indian blackberry)

26. Jan Hagel cookies (Dutch cinnamon almond cookies)

Jan Hagel cookies (Dutch cinnamon almond cookies)

27. Japanese cucumber

Japanese cucumber

28. Japanese eggplant

Japanese eggplant

29. Japanese ginger dressing

Japanese ginger dressing

30. Japanese omelette

Japanese omelette

31. Japanese pancake (okonomiyaki)

Japanese pancake (okonomiyaki)

32. Jasmine flower jelly

Jasmine flower jelly

33. Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice

34. Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea

35. Java apple

Java apple

36. Java coffee

Java coffee

37. Java nut (coffee bean)

Java nut (coffee bean)

38. Jawar roti (Indian bread made from sorghum)

Jawar roti (Indian bread made from sorghum)

39. Jawbreaker candy

Jawbreaker candy

40. Jeera (cumin)

Jeera (cumin)

41. Jellied eels

Jellied eels

42. Jelly


43. Jelly beans

Jelly beans

44. Jelly doughnuts

Jelly doughnuts

45. Jelly roll

Jelly roll

46. Jellyfish


47. Jeon (Korean pancake)

Jeon (Korean pancake)

48. Jerk chicken

Jerk chicken

49. Jerk pork

Jerk pork

50. Jerky


51. Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke

52. Jerusalem artichoke chips

Jerusalem artichoke chips

53. Jerusalem artichoke soup

Jerusalem artichoke soup

54. Jerusalem bagel

Jerusalem bagel

55. Jerusalem mixed grill

Jerusalem mixed grill

56. Jewfish


57. Jicama


58. Jicama salad

Jicama salad

59. Jicama slaw

Jicama slaw

60. Jicama sticks

Jicama sticks

61. Jijona turron (Spanish nougat)

Jijona turron (Spanish nougat)

62. Jimmies (sprinkles)

Jimmies (sprinkles)

63. Jjajangmyeon


64. Jjigae (Korean stew)

Jjigae (Korean stew)

65. Jocoque (Mexican fermented milk)

Jocoque (Mexican fermented milk)

66. Jocoqui (alternative spelling of jocoque)

Jocoqui (alternative spelling of jocoque)

67. John Dory (fish)

John Dory (fish)

68. Johnnycake (cornmeal flatbread)

Johnnycake (cornmeal flatbread)

69. Johnnycakes


70. Jojoba (edible in some cultures, though more commonly used in cosmetics)

Jojoba (edible in some cultures, though more commonly used in cosmetics)

71. Jollof


72. Jollof rice

Jollof rice

73. Jollof spaghetti

Jollof spaghetti

74. Jook (rice porridge)

Jook (rice porridge)

75. Jordan almonds

Jordan almonds

76. Jordan bread (traditional flatbread)

Jordan bread (traditional flatbread)

77. Jordanian olives

Jordanian olives

78. Joshinko (rice flour)

Joshinko (rice flour)

79. Joumou (Haitian pumpkin soup)

Joumou (Haitian pumpkin soup)

80. Joumou soup (traditional Haitian soup)

Joumou soup (traditional Haitian soup)

81. Jowar (sorghum)

Jowar (sorghum)

82. Jubilee chicken

Jubilee chicken

83. Juice


84. Juju fruit

Juju fruit

85. Jujube


86. Jujube tea

Jujube tea

87. Julienne vegetables

Julienne vegetables

88. Julmust (Swedish soft drink)

Julmust (Swedish soft drink)

89. Jumbo shrimp

Jumbo shrimp

90. Jumping salad (Filipino dish with live shrimp)

Jumping salad (Filipino dish with live shrimp)

91. Jungle curry

Jungle curry

92. Juniper


93. Juniper berries

Juniper berries

94. Juniper tea

Juniper tea

95. Junket (milk dessert)

Junket (milk dessert)

96. Jurel (type of fish)

Jurel (type of fish)

97. Jurisdiction beans

Jurisdiction beans

98. Jus (French for juice or gravy)

French for juice or gravy

99. Just ripe bananas

Just ripe bananas

100. Jute leaves

Jute leaves
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