Hi readers, Srima here again with a new post in our series of alphabetical lists of food names. Today’s letter is Q. As usual, I’ll be sharing 100 food names that start with this letter. So, let’s dive in and start exploring!

1. Quahog


2. Quail


3. Quail curry

Quail curry

4. Quail eggs

Quail eggs

5. Quark (cheese)

Quark (cheese)

6. Quark bread

Quark bread

7. Quark cheesecake

Quark cheesecake

8. Quark dip

Quark dip

9. Quark rolls

Quark rolls

10. Quarktorte (German cheesecake)

Quarktorte (German cheesecake)

11. Quatre-épices (spice mix)

Quatre-épices (spice mix)

12. Quatre-épices cookies

Quatre-épices cookies

13. Quatre-épices pears

Quatre-épices pears

14. Quatre-quarts (French pound cake)

Quatre-quarts (French pound cake)

15. Quatre-quarts cake

Quatre-quarts cake

16. Queen Anne cherry

Queen Anne cherry

17. Queen Anne’s lace (edible flowers)

Queen Anne's lace (edible flowers)

18. Queen apple

Queen apple

19. Queen cake

Queen cake

20. Queen of puddings

Queen of puddings

21. Queen olive

Queen olive

22. Quench (drink)

Quench (drink)

23. Quenelle


24. Quenepa (fruit)

Quenepa (fruit)

25. Quercetin capsules (supplement)

Quercetin capsules (supplement)

26. Quercetin-enriched tea

Quercetin-enriched tea

27. Quercetin-rich foods

Quercetin-rich foods

28. Quercus (acorns used in cooking)

Quercus (acorns used in cooking)

29. Quesadilla


30. Quesito (Puerto Rican pastry)

Quesito (Puerto Rican pastry)

31. Queso


32. Queso blanco

Queso blanco

33. Queso flameado

Queso flameado

34. Queso fresco

Queso fresco

35. Queso fundido

Queso fundido

36. Quest bars (protein bars)

Quest bars (protein bars)

37. Quetsch (type of plum)

Quetsch (type of plum)

38. Quetzalcoatl cake (named after the Aztec god)

Quetzalcoatl cake (named after the Aztec god)

39. Quetzalcoatlus (fantasy dish named after the pterosaur, for fun)

Quetzalcoatlus (fantasy dish named after the pterosaur, for fun)

40. Quiche


41. Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine

42. Quick bread

Quick bread

43. Quick oats

Quick oats

44. Quick pickle

Quick pickle

45. Quick polenta

Quick polenta

46. Quick tapioca pudding

Quick tapioca pudding

47. Quick yeast bread

Quick yeast bread

48. Quick-cook rice

Quick-cook rice

49. Quick-cooking barley

Quick-cooking barley

50. Quick-cooking grits

51. Quick-cooking tapioca

52. Quillback (fish)

Quillback (fish)

53. Quilled cinnamon sticks

Quilled cinnamon sticks

54. Quilled cloves

Quilled cloves

55. Quilled fish fillet

Quilled fish fillet

56. Quilted maple syrup

Quilted maple syrup

57. Quilted quince dessert

Quilted quince dessert

58. Quince


59. Quince chutney

Quince chutney

60. Quince compote

Quince compote

61. Quince jam

Quince jam

62. Quince jelly

Quince jelly

63. Quince mustard

Quince mustard

64. Quince paste

Quince paste

65. Quince pie

Quince pie

66. Quince tarte Tatin

Quince tarte Tatin

67. Quinceanera cake

Quinceanera cake

68. Quinoa


69. Quinoa and beet salad

Quinoa and beet salad

70. Quinoa and black bean salad

Quinoa and black bean salad

71. Quinoa and chickpea stew

Quinoa and chickpea stew

72. Quinoa and vegetable stir-fry

Quinoa and vegetable stir-fry

73. Quinoa burger

Quinoa burger

74. Quinoa cereal

Quinoa cereal

75. Quinoa chia pudding

Quinoa chia pudding

76. Quinoa chocolate cake

Quinoa chocolate cake

77. Quinoa crackers

Quinoa crackers

78. Quinoa crepes

Quinoa crepes

79. Quinoa flakes

Quinoa flakes

80. Quinoa flour

81. Quinoa pasta

Quinoa pasta

82. Quinoa pilaf

Quinoa pilaf

83. Quinoa risotto

Quinoa risotto

84. Quinoa salad

Quinoa salad

85. Quinoa sushi

Quinoa sushi

86. Quinoa tabbouleh

Quinoa tabbouleh

87. Quinoa veggie burger

Quinoa veggie burger

88. Quinoa-stuffed peppers

Quinoa-stuffed peppers

89. Quipu (edible seaweed)

Quipu (edible seaweed)

90. Quirche (Sardinian cheese)

Quirche (Sardinian cheese)

91. Quirk (homemade soda or fermented drink)

Quirk (homemade soda or fermented drink)

92. Quoddy (named after Quoddy Head, potentially a local dish in that area)

93. Quorn (meat substitute)

Quorn (meat substitute)

94. Quorn cutlets

Quorn cutlets

95. Quorn mince

Quorn mince

96. Quorn paella

Quorn paella

97. Quorn tacos

Quorn tacos

98. Quorn tikka masala

Quorn tikka masala

99. Qurabiya (Middle Eastern almond cookie)

Qurabiya (Middle Eastern almond cookie)

100. Qurs (type of Ayurvedic medicine, sometimes edible)

Qurs (type of Ayurvedic medicine, sometimes edible)
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