As the series progresses, it becomes increasingly challenging to find food names. Today’s letter is “U,” and there are not many foods that start with this letter. However, we have managed to compile a list of 100 foods. So, without further ado, let’s explore the names of these foods.

1. Ube


2. Ube boba tea

Ube boba tea

3. Ube cheesecake

Ube cheesecake

4. Ube cookies

Ube cookies

5. Ube custard

Ube custard

6. Ube doughnuts

Ube doughnuts

7. Ube ice cream

Ube ice cream

8. Ube mochi

Ube mochi

9. Ube pancakes

Ube pancakes

10. Ube pie

Ube pie

11. Ube roll cake

Ube roll cake

12. Ube tarts

Ube tarts

13. Udon


14. Udon noodle salad

Udon noodle salad

15. Udon soup

Udon soup

16. Udon with tempura

Udon with tempura

17. Ugali


18. Ugali and fish

Ugali and fish

19. Ugali with sukuma wiki

Ugali with sukuma wiki

20. Ugandan rolex (street food wrap)

Ugandan rolex (street food wrap)

21. Ugli fruit

Ugli fruit

22. Ugli fruit curd

Ugli fruit curd

23. Ugli fruit jam

Ugli fruit jam

24. Ugli fruit salad

Ugli fruit salad

25. Ugli fruit smoothie

26. Ukha (Russian fish soup)

Ukha (Russian fish soup)

27. Ukha with perch

Ukha with perch

28. Ukoy


29. Ukoy shrimp fritters

Ukoy shrimp fritters

30. Ulava charu (horse gram soup)

Ulava charu (horse gram soup)

31. Ullipaya pulusu (onion stew)

Ullipaya pulusu (onion stew)

32. Ulluco

33. Ullucus tuber salad

Ullucus tuber salad

34. Ulster fry

Ulster fry

35. Ultimate bacon sandwich

Ultimate bacon sandwich

36. Ultimate burger

37. Ulva (sea lettuce)

Ulva (sea lettuce)

38. Umami burger

Ultimate burger

39. Umbrella fruit

Umbrella fruit

40. Umeboshi (pickled plum)

41. Umibudo (sea grapes)

Umibudo (sea grapes)

42. Unagi (eel)

Unagi (eel)

43. Unagi bowl

Unagi bowl

44. Unagi donburi

Unagi donburi

45. Unagi sushi

Unagi sushi

46. Unbaked cheesecake

Unbaked cheesecake

47. Unbleached flour

Unbleached flour

48. Uncommon apple varieties

Uncommon apple varieties

49. Underripe bananas

Underripe bananas

50. Unleavened bread

Unleavened bread

51. Unripe mango

Unripe mango

52. Unripe plantain chips

Unripe plantain chips

53. Unsalted butter

Unsalted butter

54. Unsweetened almond milk

Unsweetened almond milk

55. Unsweetened chocolate

Unsweetened chocolate

56. Unsweetened coconut

Unsweetened coconut

57. Unsweetened tea

Unsweetened tea

58. Uova (eggs in Italian)

Uova (eggs in Italian)

59. Upcountry salad

Upcountry salad

60. Upma


61. Upma with vegetables

Upma with vegetables

62. Upmarket fish pie

Upmarket fish pie

63. Upper crust pies

Upper crust pies

64. Upside-down cake

Upside-down cake

65. Upstate chili

Upstate chili

66. Urad dal

Urad dal (black lentil)

67. Urad dal with spinach

Urad dal with spinach

68. Urban street tacos

Urban street tacos

69. Urban-style ribs

Urban-style ribs

70. Urfa biber (pepper)

Urfa biber (pepper)

71. Urgelia cheese

Urgelia cheese

72. Urid beans

Urid beans

73. Urid dal porridge

Urid dal porridge

74. Urn shell sushi

Urn shell sushi

75. Urnebes (spicy cheese spread)

Urnebes (spicy cheese spread)

76. Uruguayan asado

Uruguayan asado

77. Usal


78. Usal pav

Usal pav

79. Uszka (Polish dumplings)

Uszka (Polish dumplings)

80. Uszka with beetroot

Uszka with beetroot

81. Utah cherries

Utah cherries

82. Utah scones

Utah scones

83. Uthappam


84. Uthappam with coconut chutney

Uthappam with coconut chutney

85. Uthappam with tomato

Uthappam with tomato

86. Utica chicken riggies

Utica chicken riggies

87. Utica greens

Utica greens

88. Utica pie

Utica pie

89. Uttapam with onions

Uttapam with onions

90. Uttarakhandi thali

Uttarakhandi thali

91. Uva (grape in Italian)

Uva (grape in Italian)

92. Uva passa (raisin)

Uva passa (raisin)

93. Uva ursi tea

Uva ursi tea

94. Uve dolci (sweet grapes)

Uve dolci (sweet grapes)

95. Uwu (Nigerian porridge)

Uwu (Nigerian porridge)

96. Uzbek bread

Uzbek bread

97. Uzbek pilaf

Uzbek pilaf

98. Uzbekistan samosas

Uzbekistan samosas

99. Uzi (Middle Eastern meat pie)

Uzi (Middle Eastern meat pie)

100. Uziza leaves

Uziza leaves

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